Hello! Welcome to my page.

As a nurse with 7 years of experience, my journey did not start in Medical Aesthetics. I spent the first 4 years of my career in Critical Care including: Open Heart Surgical patients, the Operating Room, and Bone Marrow Transplantation for Pediatrics. Although these fields of medicine fascinated me, my heart was heavy from caring for patients with such significant illnesses.

I transitioned into Plastic Surgery while living in Seattle, WA and was fortunate to begin my Aesthetics journey training and working under the supervision of two Board Certified Plastic Surgeons. Their very busy practices provided me a great foundation of experience in the world of Aesthetic Medicine and facial rejuvenation. I am forever grateful for having this opportunity. I then moved back to Montana and continued to practice at a very busy and well established Medical Spa here in Missoula where my experience continued to grow exponentially.

Owning a Holistic Medical Aesthetic practice has been a long time dream of mine, and that's what brings me here today. Sarah Berg, RN is only the beginning stages of my VERY big dream I have to one day give back to the Missoula community and beyond.

I believe Medical Aesthetics parallels self care and self appreciation. Thats where we start when I meet my patients. I aim to help you feel your very best through natural enhancements so the inner beauty matches the outer beauty without ever changing that "true you" and only increasing the love for yourself.

I look forward to one day meeting you and help achieve the best version of you.

In Best Health and with Love,



Hello! Welcome to my page.

Hello! My name is Francienne. I received my Master's of Nursing degree at Georgetown University in Washington, DC and board certified in Family Practice. I have been practicing for 3.5 years with experience in Internal Medicine and Urgent care. Prior to obtaining my Master's Degree in Nursing, I was a nurse for 8 years and worked in various fields in healthcare - where I was fortunate to meet and work with Sarah Berg, RN.

My facial aesthetic background began when Sarah reached out to me to work alongside her in this field. She began my groundwork in facial aesthetics; built on the theory of building a safe and cohesive aesthetic community.

Born and raised in the Philippines, I grew up in a typical Asian family that believed that 'natural' is always beautiful. It is this philosophy that guides my aesthetic principle in providing care to patients; centered on a natural-looking aesthetic result to bring out the confidently beautiful YOU.